Here's what some of our customers, clients, and vendors are saying!

Isabella Gourmet Foods:

"MY FAVOrite shop in santa barbara. Everything they sell is delicious and very well made. Anytime i've asked questions about any of the food or oils, the staff has been very knowledgeable about how the food or oil is made. In short - the stuff is fabulous and the people really know their stuff. Isabella is one of those gourmet food boutiques where i've never had any consumer guilt...every bite is worth it!"
-S.s., Santa Barbara, ca

"I accidently stumbled upon your little shop on Figueroa Street in Santa Barbara. I work in a special needs class with students and teachers who have special diets. Thanks to your delicious desserts and pastries everyone was able to celebrate our end of year party without a few having to sit out on dessert and the rest didn't have to feel bad about enjoying theirs. Thanks and keep it up with the goodies!"
-Carolina m., Santa barbara, CA

"I called to order a gluten free gift basket for my dad's birthday. The person that I spoke to was warm, friendly, professional and helped me pick out the perfect gift for dad. The next time I'm in SB I will stop by to pick up a few treats for myself!!"

"It was amazing and a pure pleasure as usual. Both Amys always make my transactions smooth and turbulent free."
-Ricky V., Ventura, CA

"Fabulous experience..... and I am not a shopper! thank you!!!!"

"I've hired Isabella Gourmet Foods to cater private events and have also purchased many gift baskets to send to family and friends. Everyone is absolutely blown away by it all...the presentation, the caliber of food/ingredients and the unique offerings."
-Jenn D., Santa Barbara, CA

"I've both received and sent gift baskets from Isabella Gourmet Foods, and every item is spectacular."
-Shirley G., Foxboro, MA

"You guys are always great and my "go to" for all gifts!"

"Isabella's is one of the my favorite little food shops in Santa Barbara. I love it so much that Isabella's is one of the stops on my walking food tour - Taste Santa Barbara Food Tour. The love which Amy, the owner, puts into the store and into choosing the products she carries is really special. I personally love that the items are not only gourmet foods, but mostly local as well, and the items that are not local are East Coast goodies (Amy is from the East Coast). If you haven't checked out Isabellla's, I certainly would - it is one of SB's little gems!"
-Evan Schoolnik Berger, Owner, Santa Barbara Food Tours, Santa Barbara, CA

"The customer service was outstanding!"

"A hidden gem. Excellent selections of organic minded local products.  Varied items and wonderfully friendly service.  Delicious spice and tea choices."
-Candee G., Santa Barbara

"Super unique finds in this gourmet shop. I love Amy's selection of groceries AND the new wine tasting room in the loft!!"

"Local and cool vibes - definitely wish I lived up in Santa Barbara just so I can pick up little treats every now and then."
-Trisha W., Los Angeles, CA

 I wanted to have something different for a casual outdoor party at my home.  Thanks to Isabella Gourmet Foods, I had some unique things to serve.  First I made sangria from The Spanish Tin Sangria Kit she carries. Not only was it delicious but the cloves ginger and other spices gave the house a welcoming aroma.  Then I served the cashew "cheese".  Several of the guests were lactosee intolerant and this was perfect along with the Off the Vine Crackers.  I added the Golden Door Ginger Cookies to the dessert tray and they were gone immediately.  Can't wait to see what else I will add to my pantry!
-H.C., Thousand Oaks, CA

"I love this store!!! So many little treasures that become 'must haves'!! Thanks for being in SB."
-Rori Trovato, Owner, Rori's Artisanal Creamery, Santa Barbara, CA

"I just love this little store! Thank you Amy for making shopping local so fun and easy. The ambiance and energy are fantastic!"
-Ashley Pope, Owner, Spicetopia, Ventura, CA

"This is the best place to stop in on a Saturday to buy fresh sourdough bread, sample yummy treats, and pick up a gift on your way to a party. I highly recommend this shop!"
-Dr. Elizabeth Wisniewski, Owner, Genuine Chiropractic, Santa Barbara, CA

"That's the first time I've been in your store and happily found some wonderful items for my gift baskets. Thank you for carrying local foods!"

"Always a great place to send all of my family in Florida local California gifts!"

"Great treats as gifts or souvenirs can be found here including delicious chocolates and popcorn along with hearty trail mixes and unique spices and rubs!"
-Jessica L., Charleston, SC

"Sent my mom a gift basket for Mother's Day and she has not stopped talking about everything in it."
-Jason Gagne, Owner, Brooklyn West Films, Santa Barbara, CA


Amy isabella Chalker, RD, lMT:

"I decided to work with Amy because I had tried other things (Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet), and nothing worked. I came to the conclusion I needed a food expert. That is what I got with Amy; someone who knows how the body metabolizes food and who knows how to work with people to reduce their caloric intake without reducing either the pleasure they get from eating or the nutritional value of the food they eat. She did this without asking me to make huge changes in what or how I eat."
-Lee Mudrick, santa Barbara, CA

"I have been seeing Amy for massage once a week for over a year. She is hands down the best and I have been having massages for the past 20 years. She is reliable, prompt and very sensitive to any problems or requests one may have. She is truly a treasure!"
-Sherry Melichiorre, Santa Barbara, CA


"Thank you very much for working with me as I prepared for a more healthy life! Working with you to go through our kitchen and to talk about the foods which would provide the best nutrition and the wisest use of calories was just what I need to jump start what eventually enabled me to lose over 50 pounds! We wanted you to know that we truly appreciate you and your professionalism!"
-Client, Montecito, CA


"Amy Isabella's massage has saved my life! Her intuitive & nurturing deep tissue work along with a peaceful atmosphere make it the perfect balm in a stress-filled, hectic world. I leave her table floating, with all my knots dissolved. I consider it truely medicinal."
-Shirley Glaettli, Santa Barbara


"Amy is an excellent counselor, guiding the clients in their nutritional needs and facilitating a well-balanced, individualized program. The "Design" that she creates makes her exceptional in her field."
-Dr. Parveen Kahn, D.D.S.

"I don't get massages very often, and as a result, tend to have high expectations when I do!  I look for someone who can make me feel pampered and relaxed while also addressing physical symptoms like joint realignment and muscle tightness.  Amy is excellent at attending to the specific needs of her clients and is able to provide treatment that is both individualized and skilled.  I would highly recommend her to someone who gets massages every week or once a year!"
-Rachele Moskowitz, LMFT, Ventura, CA

"I have had the pleasure of working on a nutritional consultation with Amy.  I found her non-judgmental and very knowledgable approach to be both refreshing and enlightening.  As a hypnotherapist, I have many clients who come to me for weight loss and self-improvement.   I will not hesitate to recommend Amy to anyone seeking information and support in their health goals.  Working with Amy is a joy.  She is a delightful woman and a highly qualified professional."
-Taye Rachlin, CCHT

"Due to back problems and as a professional musician, I have had to get massages on a regular basis to provide relief from pain. I have had dozens of masseuses work on me through the years. Amy has the rare qualities of strength and sensitivity perception to be able to provide the best massages I have had in decades."
-Professor H., client

"Amy builds a very good rapport with her clients right from the start. Past clients have included pregnant and postpartum women, infants, children, diabetics and gestational diabetics, and individuals seeking help with weight management. She is also one of the most bilingual dietitians that I have worked with over the last 11 years."
-Meg Beard, MPH, Santa barbara Dept of Public Health

"Everyone I know has loved working with Amy. She is smart, detail oriented, personable, and energetic. As a Nutrition Educator, Amy shows personal customer service, meeting the client where they are, creating a plan that is specific to them, and working with them to reach their goals. She is a wonderful dietitian."
-Elise Phillips, MEd, Boston, MA

Brad Bennett, "Principle Pickle" of Pacific Pickle Works, shares his experience as a vendor of Isabella Gourmet Foods